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Gobierno revela planes para limitar residencias

Gobierno revela planes para limitar residencias y ciudadanías a inmigrantes que se beneficien de ayuda pública. La secretaria del Departamento de Seguridad Nacional, Kirstjen Nielsen, dijo en un comunicado que los cambios propuestos “promoverán la autosuficiencia y protección de recursos finitos asegurando que los inmigrantes no se conviertan en una carga para los contribuyentes”.  El gobierno…

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Challenging the “The Anyone can Teach without a degree” Fallacy!

Challenging the “The Anyone can Teach without a degree” Fallacy! Recent local and national moves to “dumb down” requirements for teachers in response to national teacher shortages could very well further undermine the teaching profession.  We all should be concerned.  The popular opinion that anyone can teach is a fallacy that must be corrected.  This…

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Denmark burqa ban

Hundreds of Danes rallied in Copenhagen on Wednesday in protest at a new ban on the wearing of face veils in public, accusing the government of infringing women’s right to dress as they choose. Denmark’s parliament enacted the ban in May, joining France and other EU countries in what some politicians say is upholding secular…

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Immigration protests on family separations occurred throughout Michigan

A large-scale “Families Belong Together” protest was on  June 30 in Washington D.C., organized by MoveOn.org in partnership with the National Domestic Workers Alliance, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and ACLU. At least 20 sister rallies took place in Michigan for that Saturday. Those included two protests in Detroit — one outside of…

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Congress cuts EBT assistance forces poor to work

America’s poor may have to look elsewhere for a handout and put on their work boots! The social safety net of America is being pulled away quickly! The United States House of Representatives and Senate are poised to bring about a major cut to welfare programs targeted at the most vulnerable Americans. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance…

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Judge tells Immigrant mother, he doesn’t know where her child is

It’s only been in effect for a month, but the Trump administration’s new zero-tolerance immigration policy has already yielded so many arrests that the courts are totally overwhelmed and turning to mass trials just to get everyone seen.  Under past administrations, immigrants with no criminal history caught at the U.S.-Mexico border were sent back to…

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Celebrando Latinas 2018

Celebrando Latinas, the largest Latina conference in Spanish nationwide will take place this summer on July 14 at the beautiful Hilton San Diego Bayfront. Celebrando Latinas 2018 is proud to present Maria Marin who in 2012 was named by People en Español one of the most powerful Latina women. Marin is the leading motivational icon…

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