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Invasive Mosquito Known To Carry Zika Virus Found In Michigan

WAYNE COUNTY— The invasive Asian tiger mosquito has been identified in Wayne County again this year, officials from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and Wayne County Health Department announced Wednesday. Last August, the presence of the mosquito was reported in an industrial area of Livonia. On Aug. 16, the presence of…

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Teacher unsuccessfully fights his dismissal after poor evaluation

By Monica Scott – * LINK GRAND RAPIDS, MI – A probationary teacher with Grand Rapids Public Schools was unsuccessful in contesting his dismissal this week, based on a minimally effective evaluation in his third year. The school board on Monday voted 7 to 2 to uphold the administration’s nonrenewal decision regarding Tom Bratt, who taught language arts at…

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Abe Garcia announces his candidacy for Wayland City Commisson

Abraham Garcia announced his candidacy for the Wayland City Commission recently.  His passion for volunteerism in the community is matched by his enthusiasm to contribute his talent and voice to serve the residents of Wayland. Abe has served on the Wayland City Planning Commission and sees his future service on the Wayland City Commission as…

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Reforming Bias in Elections a Must for A Just Nation

Reforming Bias in Elections a Must for A Just Nation Leveling the playing field in elections may be making significant progress.  Recent grassroots movements across the country targeting political bias in the way political districts are drawn up is challenging the historically corrupt practice.  The historical practice of allowing the winning political party to draw…

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