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Gun Lake Tribe Shares $7.6 Million in Revenue

The Gun Lake Tribe (Tribe) announced details of its spring revenue sharing payments. The State of Michigan received $4,268,003, and the local revenue sharing board received $2,134,001. GLIMI, an economic development entity, received $1,280,401. The figures are calculated from electronic gaming revenues reported from October 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018. “We are proud to…

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Celebrando Latinas 2018

Celebrando Latinas, the largest Latina conference in Spanish nationwide will take place this summer on July 14 at the beautiful Hilton San Diego Bayfront. Celebrando Latinas 2018 is proud to present Maria Marin who in 2012 was named by People en Español one of the most powerful Latina women. Marin is the leading motivational icon…

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Summer Fun Michigan

MICHIGAN’S ADVENTURE – Muskegon, Mi Your day at Michigan’s Adventure will be your best day ever! Michigan’s largest amusement park and water park is home to seven rollercoasters including Shivering Timbers and Thunderhawk! Spend the day at a beach party with spray guns, water slides, water wheels, and a drenching bucket — it’s splashtastic! ¡El parque…

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U.S. Census may find Immigrants reluctant to participate in count

For the country’s only test run of the 2020 census, leaders in Rhode Island’s Providence County are struggling to drum up participation among one of the hardest-to-count populations in the U.S.: unauthorized immigrants. The U.S. Constitution requires a head count of every person living in the U.S. every 10 years. The Census Bureau has sent…

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La AFGE respalda a David Garcia para gobernador de Arizona

La American Federation of Government Employees (Federación americana de empleados gubernamentales) anunció el mes pasado su respaldo de David Garcia para gobernador de Arizona. “David Garcia entiende que a los trabajadores de Arizona y de todo el país les ha estado tocando la peor parte durante demasiado tiempo”, dijo George McCubbin III, vicepresidente nacional, Distrito 12 de…

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Residents call for Medical Marihuana Dispensaries

Residents call on Holland Township Board of Trustees to allow Medical Marihuana Dispensaries. Holland Township residents and advocates from across the state appealed to Trustees of Holland Township to consider the merits of allowing medical marihuana dispensaries in the township.  Attorney “Access to medical marihuana is a legitimate need for so many  cancer patients, veterans…

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